Our 10 Most-Complimented Fragrances (That We’re Willing To Share)

These NYLON-approved perfumes are serious contenders for your next signature scent.

Written by NYLON Editors

It might be the last step in your beauty routine before you walk out the door, but that doesn’t make it less important. The way you smell is how the world experiences you before they even can see you — so why not make sure you’re making an exciting first impression? Plus, scent corresponds closely with memory, so it’s a prime chance to make yourself memorable with just a spritz.

A lot of flowery, confusing words and labels get thrown around in the perfume world, but what’s most important to describe about a fragrance is how it makes you feel and the effect it has on you (and whoever you want to smell you). So we’ve rounded up the fragrances that earn us the most compliments, give off the best vibes, and generally make us feel like the most intriguing person in the room. Read on for the 10 fragrances that our team has worn, lived in, and loved and what earned them a place of prominence on our vanities. From indie discoveries to luxury brand buys, these are the best perfume picks of 2023.

The Soft-Girl Scent

Valaya Eau de Parfum
Parfums de Marly

“I didn't think I'd like a perfume more than Parfums de Marly's viral Delina scent but their latest release, Valaya, has officially become my favorite. It's as soft and floral as Delina, but leaves a more neutral, clean lingering base. Best of all, it's not viral on TikTok (yet) so you can actually get your hands on it.” — Laura Pitcher, beauty writer

The Decadent Treat

The IYKYK Note

The Not-So-Sweet Gourmand

The Vacation In A Bottle

The Clean White Tee Fragrance

The One You’re About To Smell Everywhere

The Flirty Cherry

The Spell Caster

The Power Suit In A Bottle

Photographs by Xin Xin

Prop Stylist: Xin Xin and Emma Chao

Set Designer: Emma Chao

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Photo Director: Alex Pollack

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