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12 Viral Beauty Products That Are Worth The Hype

Thank you, TikTok.

Written by NYLON Editors

Whether it was a few days (hours?) ago, last week, or in the past few months, chances are high that you’ve bought something off your FYP page recently — the TikTok algorithm does not quit. But when was the last time you bought something off your FYP and actually felt like it lived up to the hype? Those times are much rarer— and TBH, should be celebrated when they do happen.

Instead of a lot of forced trial and error (and a drained bank account), team NYLON took it upon ourselves to test the buzziest, viral beauty products on the market and see which ones are worth your hard-earned cash. From the eyeshadow you’ve seen every influencer use during your nighttime scroll to the skin-illuminating wand that gives an angelic glow, find the Internet-approved beauty products that deserve a place in your makeup bag.

The Complexion Perfector

The Souped-Up Lip Hydrator

The “Slugging” Salve

The Viral Lipstick Dupe

The Bargain Blush

The Always Sold-Out Highlighter

The Creamiest Spot Coverage

The Dry Skin Solution

The Glass Skin In A Bottle

The Color-Changing Gloss

The Smoothing Skin Filter

The Plumping Lip Tint

Photographs by Xin Xin

Prop Stylist: Xin Xin and Emma Chao

Set Designer: Emma Chao

Executive Beauty Director: Faith Xue

Photo Director: Alex Pollack

SVP Creative: Karen Hibbert