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Billie Eilish Takes On TikTok’s Sunburn Blush Trend

She nailed it.

If there’s one thing skin care lovers know for certain, it’s that the sun is not your skin’s friend. In fact, wearing SPF daily (and using enough sunscreen) is recommended to avoid UV damage to your skin which can result in wrinkles, discoloration, and even skin cancer. But however well-educated we are about sun protection, it’s hard to resist that summery, sun-kissed look. But luckily, with makeup there’s a way to look like you hit the beach without the damage. That’s where blush comes in. “Sunburn blush” has been trending on TikTok all summer, inspiring many tutorials, for those who want to jump on the bandwagon. But if you needed a push to try out the blush trend, Billie Eilish just approved the look on her Instagram.

With a mirror selfie on Instagram, Billie showcased a natural-looking, but more aggressively flushed makeup look. She wore her hair pulled back into a messy ponytail, leaving her full bangs and choppy hair pieces on full display. To complete the makeup look, she wore subtle mascara and pink lipstick with her over-blushed cheeks that highlighted her natural freckles. Billie wore a relaxed vacation outfit consisting of a green tank and checkered over-shirt. She captioned the post simply, “🍄💐.”

Billie’s blush technique appears to be in keeping with the #SunBurnBlush trend currently on TikTok, which has over one million views on that hashtag already. As part of the trend, creators are over-blushing their cheeks and particularly their noses, in a similar pattern to how the sun hits your face— if you forget enough sunscreen and to wear your hat. The result is an effortless (and UV damage-free) summer glow. “My mom just asked if my blush was a sunburn. That’s how good this blush is,” wrote one creator on a now-viral video.

While we’re unsure if Billie’s TikTok For You page is full of sunburn blush videos, but her latest selfie proves the musician is a fan of using a heavy hand when it comes to blush. Other celebrities like Addison Rae have also recently taken this approach, posting “I love blush I know” on TikTok with her own sunburn blush look. With Y2K-era hyper-feminine bold blush also making a major comeback this year, this is more than enough permission for us all to cross our usual blush threshold and enter new, more red and rosy, summer territory.