10 Sweet and Soulful Nail Art Ideas For Cancer Season

The prettiest designs to wipe your tears with.

Cancers, as water signs and the fourth sign of the zodiac, are known for are known for being very in touch with their feelings. On the positive side, this makes them intuitive and nurturing, but on the other side of things, this can also make them moody and sensitive. Luckily, creative pursuits can be a productive way to channel that signature Cancer softness— including nail art.

In honor of the month of the crab, starting June 21 and ending July 22, here are some sweet, water-inspired nail art ideas, ideal for emotional Cancers.

Glitter Tears

Starting with the obvious, shimmery water droplet nails are a beautiful tribute to the cardinal sign.

Soft Auras

Cancers are all about feelings, and can sense a shift in vibes immediately. So why not tap into that intuition and opt for colorful aura nails?

Chrome Swirls

For a badass but still water-themed design, this swirl chrome manicure has an otherworldly edge.

Pastel French Dots

This blue and yellow pastel french manicure will bring people closer to you (to look at your nails).

Moody Blues

Embody the water sign with entrancing dark blue gel nail art.

Oyster Nails

These 3D oyster nails bring the ocean to your fingertips.

Subtle Stones

These natural, yet bejeweled nails are the nail equivalent of soft glam.

Pearly Hearts

Why wear your heart on your sleeve when you can wear it on your hands? We love this pearl-encrusted heart detailing.

Mix and Match Blooming Nails

These designs perfectly capture Cancers’ fun-loving side with the multiple colors and patterns, while retaining the softness with blooming gel polish.

Heat Waves

This wavy white design is an ethereal mood for summer.

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