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Cardi B Went All Pink For Her Latest Quarantine Beauty Moment

A monochromatic look.

Social distancing hasn't stopped Cardi B from trying out a number of new looks. The rapper has always had a knack for pulling out all the stops when it comes to her beauty routine, and her latest makeover is no exception. Late on April 27, Cardi B posted an all-pink look featuring a pink manicure and a matching bow hair wig.

Taking a cue from Carol Baskin of Netflix's Tiger King, Cardi B greeted the "cool cats and kittens" of Instagram, posing for two photos. In the first image, she showed off how her boutique Target outfit — consisting of iridescent bike shorts and a sports bra — matched her pink hair.

She then gave followers a closer look at her makeup and hair, captioning a selfie with "late post." As for the night gram, Cardi B posed with her long pink nails on full display. The choice of pastel nail color matched perfectly with her hair, which was wrapped in a bow that sat atop her head. Some pieces of the wig were left out to frame her face, and in the first photo, you could see how her bow extended out behind her, cascading into a long ponytail. The choice of hair and nails coordinated perfectly with Cardi B's lip coloring and eyelids lightly dusted with a pale shade of pink eyeshadow.

This newest hairstyle comes after the performer debuted dark blue hair and a sky-inspired shade of nails during a call with Senator Bernie Sanders. Prior to that, she was spotted with vibrant red hair, which she wore in buns and an updo.

Below, check out the look Cardi B shared with the cool cats and kittens of Instagram.