Lips colored pink via the Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Lipstick
Courtesy of brand


Charlotte Tilbury’s New Glittery Lipstick Is Color-Changing

Get customized color with the pH-powered product.

Just in time to really dazzle loved ones attending your virtual holiday celebrations, Charlotte Tilbury released Glowgasm Lips, a glittery lipstick powered by your pH level. Although it all sounds very scientific, essentially, the lipstick's final applied color will look totally different from person to person.

Retailing for $32, the Glowgasm Lip product uses color-morphing crystal balms to change hues when applied. Available in a sparkling pink and glowing red color variation, the final color appearance comes down to an individual's lip coloring, warmth, and pH level. Additionally, because coloring is so personalized in nature, the final shade should be universally flattering for each user.

Along with its color-changing capabilities, the lipstick features Vitamin E, which will leave your lips feeling soft and hydrated. The formula also includes a high-shine wax for a glossy, glowing finish, and a glow-glide texture that makes for application without a feeling of stickiness or dryness. Plus, its glitter-packed pigment means your lips will be coated in sparkle.

Charlotte Tilbury isn't the only brand to embrace pH-powered items. Similar products have previously gone viral on TikTok, and based on Instagram's reaction to Charlotte Tilbury's product announcement and its sold-out Sephora status, it's likely this offering could soon be a favorite, too.

Take a look at both colors, below.