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Doja Cat Debuted A Fresh Buzz Cut On Instagram

“I can’t believe it took me this long to be like, ‘Shave your f*cking head’.”

Who doesn’t love a good hair transformation? Brunettes go blonde. Blondes go red. Long goes short. People get bangs, then get side bangs. Celebrities in particular are wont to swing boldly and frequently between hair colors and styles, whether it’s for a role, to signify a new era, or just to keep things interesting. Yesterday however, Doja Cat made the most dramatic hair transformation of all by shaving her head into a fresh buzz cut. She then took to Instagram Live to reveal her new look to her fans and sharing how she was “obsessed” with her new look.

In the Live, Doja Cat wears a colorful crochet sweater, layered silver chain necklaces, and bright blue eyeliner along with her new ’do (or lack there of). The new hair-free look seems to come as a giant relief to Doja who explains in the video, “I feel like I was never supposed to have hair anyway. I don’t like having hair.” She says she had grown “exhausted” by her hair, especially when wearing wigs over her natural hair at the gym. She says, “I’d be wearing wigs and they would be like getting tacky, they would re-tack because of the moisture and then they would start sliding and peeling off of my head” while she was doing strenuous workouts. “I couldn’t focus because I was more concerned about how I looked and how my hair was doing.” The close shave is clearly a welcome change for Doja, and puts her on the growing list of It girls who have made the buzz cut their signature look. “I can’t believe it took me this long to be like, ‘Shave your f*cking head’,” Doja also says in the Live.

While Doja’s original buzz happened off screen, for her Instagram Live she had one more beauty makeover moment planned. With a bowl of water, shaving cream, a regular razor, and a hand mirror she shaved her eyebrows herself in front of all of her followers. Before she began, she shares, “My makeup artist just texted me, ‘Are you shaving your eyebrows? I’m driving the f*ck over.”

If her eyeliner in the Instagram Live is any indication, Doja will likely take this moment to go for even brighter, bolder colors, and more experimental eye makeup looks. Sky is the limit, now that she has no boundary above her brow bone and her over-the-top style is suited particularly well for creating new trends her fan’s can’t wait to try. We can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.