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The Season’s Copper Hair Trend Is Now Doja Cat Approved

Get into it.

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It seems everywhere you look on the internet recently you see Doja Cat. From fans capturing her live performances to her latest futuristic music video for her single, “Woman”, Doja Cat has been on fire. Now, her hair matches her energy– she just dyed it playful orange red for her Jingle Ball performance.

Doja Cat has had red hair before, most recently for her Powerpuff Girls character Sara Bellum Halloween costume, but has been rocking platinum blonde hair in real life. For her “Woman” music video, the singer iconically had copper curls—in line with winter’s hair color trends this year being rich and bold. The likes of Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa briefly also tried out the smoldering shade.

The hairstylist behind the look was celebrity hairdresser Jared “JStayReady” Henderson, who’s joining Doja Cat on her mini-tour. Posting the look on Instagram, Jared gave us all a hair tip straight from backstage in the caption. “Now y’all already know that when it comes to stage hair - hairspray is a stylist’s BEST FRIEND! I always give Doja a good spray down after styling with my @joico fast dry finishing Power Spray right before she steps onto the stage. It ensures that her hair will bounce right back into place, no matter how many dance breaks & head-bangs she decides to do that night.”

After becoming a beauty icon in her own right, with her smokey eyes colorful, graphic liner, and otherworldy eye makeup looks, Doja Cat has entered the beauty world as a brand collaborator. In September, she announced her first-ever beauty collection with BH Cosmetics. Next up, we hope, is Doja Cat sharing some of her hair secrets. With Jingle Ball shows in Boston, Washington, and Atlanta coming up later this month and live performances in Philadelphia Charlotte, and Atlanta for her Hot Pink Tour early next year, there’s no doubt that we’ll be seeing more dramatic hair changes from Doja. We plan on sitting back and enjoying the show.

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