BH Cosmetics x Doja Cat


Doja Cat’s First Makeup Collab Is Inspired By “The Divine Energy of Nature”

You can use it to recreate her iconic Instagram beauty looks.

Doja Cat is a force to be reckoned with. Her latest album, Planet Her, secured her spot as our favorite pop outsider. Now, she follows in the footsteps of other genre-defining artists (like Rihanna, Ariana Grande, and Halsey) by entering into the world of beauty, announcing her first-ever beauty collection in collaboration with BH Cosmetics.

It should come as little surprise that Doja has started to dabble in the world of makeup, considering her Instagram has proven that her eyeshadow game is strong. From smokey eyes and colorful, graphic liner, to otherworldy designs, her personal style is as eclectic as her songs are. If any of these looks are on your own personal makeup mood board, Doja told NYLON that you should be able to create most of them using her new palettes. “I spend a lot of time on Instagram doing these fun bright looks, and I feel like now my fans can really mess around and create those looks,” she says.

BH Cosmetics x Doja Cat

Doja says the entire collection — which includes a 36 Color Shadow Palette, three Mini Eyeshadow Quad palettes, three Powder Blush Trio palettes, Loose Powder Highlighter, Calligraphy Eyeliner, 10-Piece Brush Set, Lip Balm, Plumping Lip Gloss, and Blooming Mascara — was inspired by the divine energy of nature and all of its prismatic elements. Each piece falls within the affordable price range of $9 to $36.

After moving into a new place “where there are woods everywhere,” she wanted to reflect the shades of bark with browns and nudes, bright floral colors, and high-impact metallics to create a palette “for everyone.” “What can happen in nature is we can often not really notice these minty shades in the wood,” she explains. Her personal favorite is the bronze palette with copper tones.

BH Cosmetics x Doja Cat

Doja’s own interest in makeup has recently changed and become more experimental as she learned more about the shape of her face. “I used to do blue eyeliner that went into a giant cat eye, then I realized that a cat eye is very different for different people because I have sort of a hooded eye on my left eye and then a less hooded eye on the right,” she says. “I learned the way to do it for people who have different eye shapes and that changed everything for me, as far as understanding the dimensions of my face.”

During the pandemic, she became inspired by editorial makeup, which is when she fell in love with liners and bright colors. “I always was very shy from colors, but I wanted to do it,” she recalls. “I still tried it when I was alone at home, but I never went out and had it on like that in public.”

While Doja is aware that a number of celebrities have already entered the world of beauty, she views her first makeup line as unique to her music and own personal makeup journey. “I think everyone is creating a world of their own with all of their products and it’s beautiful to see what everybody else is doing, too,” she says.

As with the rest of her career, there’s no fear of Doja’s future in beauty blending in with the crowd, as everything she’s done has been unique to her (lest we forget that her entrance into the music world was with a song about cows). With her first beauty collaboration, she invites us to join her mystical world (or planet), available on Saturday on the BH Cosmetics website.