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Dua Lipa Reveals New Wispy Bangs

Less forehead, more fun.

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Is there a more thought-provoking hair question in all of history than, “Should I get bangs?” Dua Lipa seems to think not. On Sunday, June 20, the “Don’t Stop Now” singer posted a bevy of party pics in a sexy, see-through, red bodycon outfit and matching gloves. Even more notable perhaps, were her piece-y, eyelash-grazing bangs. She’s staying loyal to her signature raven hair color, but appears to have updated her look for summer with a fresh cut.

This is not the first time Dua has sported bangs. Last year, post her two-tone Future Nostalgia album cover look, the singer was seen with short, straight-across bangs. She later revealed that the bangs were an unintentional result of breakage caused by bleaching for the the half-platinum bob. She’s also experimented with full-on french girl fringe and Audrey Hepburn micro bangs in her “Levitating” and “We’re Good” music videos, respectively. However, this newest look is less blunt and more romantic. Long, gently bending bangs still draw attention to the eyes, but because they aren’t too geometric they are far easier to style and still look great slightly mussed–if say, you go out for a night of dancing with friends.

Be warned: Bangs can be tricky to maintain in the hot summer months if you hair has any tendency to curl. If you’re looking to change up your style with wispy bangs, be ready to wash and style them every day with a small round brush to force the bangs into a forward and side swept look. Avoid using too much product as it can weigh bangs down and go greasy faster than you can say, “sweaty forehead”. The good news? Long bangs are forgiving as they can grow out and be pushed behind the ears or hidden with cute hair clips while you’re waiting a few weeks for them to grow out.

Below, take a look at Dua Lipa’s newest look. But be warned they might inspire an emergency consult with your stylist.

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