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10 Halloween Costumes That Are Mostly Just Makeup

You'll want to try these easy ideas this year.

We get it. Halloween costumes can be hard, especially when you’re on a budget or low on ideas. You want to avoid buying a bunch of clothes you’ll never wear again but you still don’t want to wear a costume everyone else has. Luckily, your makeup kit can elevate the things you already own into a full blown look.

From your favorite classic characters to TikTok’s newest Halloween trends, here are some go-tos that you can pull from for your next party this spooky season.

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The Joker

First up, the most obvious but perhaps the most effective one. With some green (temporary) hair dye and some white, blue, and red face paint, you’re instantly Gotham’s the most recognizable villain.


For those that want to look cute rather than scary this year, check out this Bratz Doll makeup tutorial on YouTube. This will work best if you have a y2k mini skirt and big boots already in your closet.

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This look is for everyone. Eye makeup and optional contact lens will turn you into your favorite game character. Don’t forget to add the green diamond in your Instagram post, and have strange gibberish conversations with your friends.

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Cheshire Cat

You might need a step by step to recreate this grinning Alice in Wonderland character. Thankfully, there’s a TikTok tutorial to walk you through it.

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HBO’s hit show Euphoria is filled with colorful characters (and makeup looks) for you to choose from. Maddy is a more glamorous choice, with her signature dramatic cat eye and stick-on gems.


Supermodel Twiggy has an extremely recognizable makeup look to replicate. It works especially well for those with large eyes, but anyone can channel the ’60s with some floating eyeliner.

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Stranger Things

This Stranger Things-inspired look is simple but captures the essence of the show. You’ll look cute, creative, and just the right amount of spooky.

Squid Game

People can’t stop talking about Squid Game. Even the low key makeup has been trending on TikTok. Naturally, Sae Byeok’s character is the most popular, emulating her look is a surefire way to have the most of the moment costume.

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Christina Aguilera

We’re loving this throwback Xtina hair and makeup look. It’s so perfect for the current Y2K beauty comeback, it might not even seem like a costume.


One of the most famous figures from Greek mythology, Medusa has long been a wicked Halloween favorite. This TikTok video will show you how get her serpent-inspired look with only some makeup (and a headpiece).

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