Foundation-Free Makeup Tutorials Are Having a Moment On TikTok

All of the fun, none of the coverage.

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When first learning the ropes when it comes to makeup, we’re often told we need to start with a base. Whether it’s a tinted moisturizer, CC cream, foundation, or concealer, the resounding message has been to cover up any “imperfections” before you can even get to the fun stuff— i.e. statement blush, interesting eyeshadow, bold lipstick, or graphic liner. However, TikTok beauty creators are currently in the process of questioning this often unspoken rule, posting looks that have all the drama, without the complexion coverage.

Makeup content creator May Akhtar has been posting editorial makeup looks without foundation for months, many of which have gone viral. On March 11, she posted a green and blue chrome graphic cat-eyeliner look, writing that “foundationless makeup is so liberating” and captioning the post “love my lil spots”. She’s also posted a foundation-free base makeup tutorial, which includes skin prepping as you usually would, using blush under your eyes, adding faux freckles, and patting your face with blotting paper.

Other creators have been joining in on the foundation-free action, with minimal coverage makeup routines trending in the lead-up to summer. The hashtag #FoundationFreeMakeup also has 2.8 million views on the app and counting. While there are a number of reasons ranging from the ease of skipping steps ti wanting freckles for why makeup wearers might want to opt out of starting their routines with foundation, the shift is part of a larger trend towards embracing natural skin that actually showcases acne, pores, and texture online.

With more foundation-less tutorials being posted every day, it’s a great day to remember that makeup can look however you want it to. That can include covering up the zit on your cheek but leaving the dark circles on your eyes. It could also include doing a full face of high-coverage foundation or instead opting for a glowing serum base (let’s not forget SPF too). Whatever you choose, there’s probably a creator on TikTok making tutorials just for you.

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