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10 Fragrances That Went Viral in 2021

These ones are actually worth the hype.

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If there’s one thing TikTok has done, aside from teaching making learning viral dances a national pastime, it’s shake up the beauty industry. Instead of turning to online review sites, often people are finding thier new favorite beauty products from “skinfluencers” and beauty gurus on the app.

Although you can’t smell through a screen, TikTok has even managed to make certain perfumes go viral and have made these the must-have scents of the year. From “clean girl” smells to new celebrity scents, here are the perfumes that completely took over in 2021.

Baccarat Rouge 540 Eau de Parfum
Maison Francis Kurkdijian

Recently named the “Scent of 2021” due to its viral scope, the smell of Baccarat Rouge 540 has been described as “money”. Rihanna herself even complimented a journalist wearing the scent at a Savage X Fenty show.

All of Stockholm-based Byredo’s luxury perfumes have taken off in recent years– the brand’s signature minimalist bottles are in just about every shelfie you see. But Gypsy Water, in particular, is an Instagram favorite and features fresh notes of bergamot, lemon, pepper, and juniper berries.

My Way Eau de Parfum
Giorgio Armani

Another bestseller that’s made its way to countless TikTok recommendation lists, Giorgio Armani’s My Way is a sparkling floral fragrance made with consciously sourced ingredients.


Okay, so YSL’s Black Opium fragrance has long been a cult favorite, but TikTok has regenerated the hype in 2021. The brand even launched an Extreme version this year that’s even more intense and sultry.

REPLICA Bubble Bath
Maison Margiela

You’ve heard of clean girl beauty on TikTok but have you heard of “clean girl scents”? Maison Margiela Replica’s Bubble Bath came up in TikTok recommendation videos time and time again this year for those looking to smell fresh and clean.

On the more affordable end, Zara’s Red Temptation went viral this year for being the dupe for the pricier Baccarat Rouge 540, with notes of orange and amber. So far, the hashtag #ZaraPerfumes has over 5 million views on the app.

Cloud Eau de Parfum
Ariana Grande

This TikTok-approved perfume also went viral for being similar to Baccarat Rouge 540 and costing under $50 on Amazon. It doesn’t hurt that it’s also made with the Ariana Grande blessing.

Glossier’s You is meant to adapt to skin scent of the person wearing it, making it a little tricky to describe but extremely personal to the wearer’s body chemistry. Needless to say, it’s been an internet favorite.

Libre Eau de Parfum
Yves Saint Laurent

This fan favorite is a bold and warm floral fragrance with notes of lavender, orange blossom, and vanilla extract. File it under the category of most likely to get compliments.


We can thank the queen of smelling good (RiRi, of course) for this spicy, enthralling unisex scent. Fenty Eau de Parfum clings to your skin in a really sensual way and it lasts all day, with rave reviews on social media by those who got their hands on it (the drops keep selling out).

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