Glossier Teamed Up With The WNBA To Introduce Its Newest Body Hero Additions

The popular line now includes an exfoliating bar soap and dry body oil.

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Glossier introduced its Body Hero collection — its first foray into body care products, including a daily oil wash and cream — in 2017, with one of its most memorable campaigns to date. It was simple enough, featuring women like models Paloma Elsesser and Mekdes Mersha, as well as Outdoor Voices founder Tyler Haney, all completely nude against a white backdrop. It hammered home not only the idea behind its name (everyone is their own body hero, even if you don't always feel that way), but the idea behind the products themselves — that your body deserves just as much attention, quality ingredients, and appreciation as your face does.

In the years since, the two-product line has become one of the brand's most popular, and to ring in its newest counterparts, Glossier followed up with a campaign just as meaningful as the first. To do that, the brand introduced two new Body Hero additions — including the Body Hero Exfoliating Bar ($14) and the Body Hero Dry-Touch Oil Mist ($28) — with the help of some women from the WNBA.


With names like the legendary Sue Bird, Seimone Augustus, Lexie Brown, and more, the campaign videos were all self-shot by the players while living and competing in the league's bubble (dubbed the "wubble" by players), sharing their personal routines and stories — stories that Glossier sees as the "ultimate embodiment" of what Body Hero is and stands for.

"I think that people often tend to categorize and label any and everything, and women in sports are no exception," Amanda Zahui B., center for the New York Liberty, shared with NYLON over email. "Instead of seeing us as women who are professional athletes we are instead viewed as athletes and our sport. Nothing more or less, unless it is sexualized and even then, we are seen as just that object, rather than humans."

"When I first heard the name Body Hero I immediately started thinking of how I viewed my own body and how much I truly appreciate my body for holding me down," she continued. "I do not have the 'perfect' body that our generation praises, but I do have a fine body and a body that carries me and lets me live out my dreams for a living. A Body Hero is someone who is proud of their body, no matter what society says and I think I am her."


The products themselves are new categories entirely for the brand, and also some of its most simple. Staying true to the intoxicating neroli scent consumers have come to love from the Body Hero collection, the Dry-Touch Oil Mist absorbs fast into the skin without any sticky feeling for a light but deeply moisturizing glow. It's infused with sunflower seed, grapeseed, and oat oils that work to deliver that soothing hydration, while sea fennel extract evens the look of skin tone.

The Exfoliating Bar is a super-charged version of the traditional bar soap, using a blend of bamboo powder, sunflower seed oil, and aloe leaf juice to slough away dead skin without leaving it dry or stripped. The particles in the bar are biodegradable, too, so they won't clog the drain or stick around once you've used it up.

See both products in action in the official WNBA x Glossier "Get Ready With Me" video, below, and shop both products — individually or as a duo for $27 — on


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