Good Light Just Launched Vegan Acne Patches

The Luna Pimple Patches are made without animal gelatin.

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Pimple patches have been having a major moment recently. After their rise in popularity deemed them selfie-worthy, colorful, and even patterned acne patches have been popping up sporadically throughout our Instagram feeds. But what even some vegans might not know is that they’re not all animal product-free. That’s where gender-inclusive beauty brand Good Light’s new vegan pimple patches come in.

The Luna Pimple Patches come in a set of 24 fast-acting, non-drying hydrocolloid patches in two sizes, absorbing pimple fluids and shrinking pesky zits. They’re available from the brand’s website for $8.50 for a 1-pack that contains 24 patches, or $21 for a 3-pack that contains 72 patches (or $17 on a subscription).

Lance Langel

Good Light launches in March this year with three core products: a cleanser, toning lotion, and probiotics serum. The brand entered the Gen Z-driven beauty market with immediate success. As the largest and most diverse generation in history, Good Light reflects its customer's interests by being committed to diversity and sustainability.

All of the products come in 100% sustainable packaging. For the Luna Pimple Patches, this means being made without animal gelatin from polyisobutene and cellulose gum, and on PET plastic, the world's most recycled plastic.

You might not have known that not all pimple patches are vegan, but now that you do, Good Light has you covered. While you’re shopping, you may want to check out their other products too. They’re all vegan, anti-inflammatory, and made in South Korea.

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