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Grimes Said Her “Weird Face” Made Makeup Hard

“I think it’s cool to be strange”

Grimes is a certified style and beauty icon, blazing a trendsetting path with her truly innovative looks. However, as she shared in a new Instagram post, understanding what works for her specific beauty routine didn't happen overnight. In fact, Grimes revealed that due to her "weird face" and "big nose," applying makeup was hard.

Posing for a selfie that featured an ornate headpiece, Grimes addressed the fact that she's often teased for her face shape. "Ppl make fun of my big nose and weird face but I think it’s cool to be strange. Took me a while to figure out how to make makeup look good cuz regular tricks don’t work. But I’m grateful to be oddly designed," she wrote.

Her Instagram slideshow goes on to show the singer posing in various ways. In one photo, she keeps the focus on her eyes, showcasing a makeup look that has her lids perfectly outlined in a neutral shade of shadow.

In the comments, Grimes detailed some of the products used in the Instagram photoshoot. For her lips, she relied on "overdrawn nars lipliner and random spots of pat McGrath red lip gloss like mostly in the center."

The message of self-acceptance was met with encouraging words from other celebs, including Lizzo, who wrote, "Ur fine af." Lil Nas X also left two fairy emojis and a heart, while Jessica Alba wrote, "You a beauty."

Read the post from Grimes for yourself, below.