An Honest Review Of Rhode Skin’s New Glazing Milk Essence

I tried Hailey Bieber’s latest skin care drop — here are my thoughts.

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True to the brand’s philosophy, “one of everything really good,” Hailey Bieber’s skin care line, Rhode Skin, has brought new products to market very sparingly, sticking to a hyper-curated approach. Rhode started with only three products, and with the exception of limited-edition flavors of the Peptide Lip Treatment, there hasn’t been a new product since the original brand launch in June 2022. Now, the first new product since launch is finally on its way, timed to the brand’s one-year anniversary on June 15. Get ready to welcome Glazing Milk — a ceramide-packed facial essence.

Social media queen Hailey has teased the new launch over the past few days, including showing a mysterious Rhode gray bottle in the background of a beachy Instagram. She captioned the photo carousel, “skincare, summertime, skincare, repeat,” hinting at the drop of the forthcoming Glazing Milk. In anticipation of the launch, NYLON was able to get a sample of the essence to test out the latest addition to the Rhode Skin family.

Fast Facts:

  • Brand: Rhode Skin
  • What’s new product? Glazing Milk ceramide facial essence
  • Price: $29
  • Specs? Certified Leaping Bunny cruelty-Free, vegan, and gluten free
  • Who is it for? All skin types
  • When does it launch? June 15
  • Where can you buy?

The Product:

The key ingredients in the new Glazing Milk include a ceramide trio to restore skin barrier function, beta-glucan polysaccharides to lock in moisture, and a magnesium aspartate and zinc and copper gluconate blend that helps defend against free radicals from pollution and environmental stressors.

TL;DR: The Milk is intended to deliver instant hydration for more luminous skin and improve your skin barrier, which helps you hold onto water for bouncier, glowier, happier skin, over time.

How to Use:

The Rhode Skin Glazing Milk is meant to be used in conjunction with the existing products in the line for both your morning and nighttime routines. First, shake the bottle while it’s closed, and then shake a “generous amount” of product into your hands (the opening of the bottle is small, to avoid spillage and waste), before gently pressing the Milk into your skin. It’s meant as the first step post-cleansing, before applying the Peptide Glazing Fluid and Barrier Restore Cream.

Worth It?

The Glazing Milk is priced at $29 for 4.7 oz. which is consistent with the pricing for the rest of the Rhode Skin line — all priced under $30. (The Peptide Glazing Fluid and Barrier Restore Cream are also $29.) The Glazing Milk is similar in texture and function to the Laneige Cream Skin Toner and Moisturizer at $36 for 5.7 oz., the Fenty Skin Fat Water Hydrating Milky Toner Essence at $34 for 5 oz., and the Dr. Jart+ Ceramindin Skin Barrier Serum Toner at $39 for 5.07 oz. As Rhode’s is slightly less expensive for slightly less product, it lands comfortably in the same price range.

The Results:

My first impression was that the Glazing Milk was a bit thicker than I anticipated. It is a nearly opaque white color and it more viscous than similar “milky” essences I’ve tried in the past. Think: half & half rather than skim milk. The thicker texture is a benefit, though, because it doesn’t feel like the essence immediately disappears into your hands and you can control where you apply it easier than more watery versions — it also means that I will go through the product less quickly.

Having already tried the Peptide Glazing Fluid and Barrier Restore Cream combo, I can say that adding the new Glazing Milk to the existing regimen did not yield a dramatically different visible result, but I did feel the benefit of the extra hydration on my skin.

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About me:

I have normal to slightly dry skin that’s not very sensitive, nor is it rosacea or acne-prone, so my skin works as a fairly neutral base for skin care testing. But, I have recently upped my retinol usage, so I sometimes get dry or peeling skin around my nose and I’ve been looking for ways to boost moisture levels to prevent getting scaly.

Final Verdict:

I really enjoyed this addition to the Rhode skin care routine. The Glazing Milk is a booster for the rest of the products that you feel rather than see, but the results are still perceptible. Overall, the skin finish of using the three-step regimen has the same non-sticky, non-greasy, natural look as just using the two original products, but I noticed adding the third step extended how long I felt that “just-applied skin care feeling.” As someone with skin that sometimes skews dry, I like that slightly wet, hydrated sensation to last as long as possible. Adding in the Glazing Milk increased how long I felt super moisturized during the day and made me even dewier in the morning when I used the routine at night.

For those who consider themselves very oily, this may feel like you’re over-lubing yourself (at least for daytime use), but if you crave the Hailey Bieber-in-a-bathtub-of-milk super soaked vibe, it will work for you. At under $30 for a product that should be able to last some time, it’s a worthwhile addition to your routine if you’re seeking an extra-hydrated skin feel. It fits in with the philosophy of the rest of the Rhode line — still no frills, but just here to deliver healthy-looking, hydrated skin.