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Hilary Duff Debuted Blue Cotton Candy Hair

"At least I didn’t cut bangs!"

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Hilary Duff is back to having blue hair. After donning a DIY dye job, which was completed during previous COVID-19 related restrictions, Duff returned to hair professionals, and revealed a new look that "took all damn day" to do.

The color, by Nikki Lee and Riawna Capri, featured multiple tones of blue, and Duff explained her reasoning for the color swap. "Well... you guessed it. The minute I got home from New York I needed a change," she wrote. "At least I didn’t cut bangs!"

Duff noted in her Instagram post that the color choice was not related to her pregnancy. "I swear this doesn’t mean I’m having a boy... my mom thought I was trying to tell everyone something! We still don’t know who’s occupying my apartment — but it’s getting the eviction notice soon-ish," she joked.

Previously sporting blonde hair, Duff's new cotton candy blue hue required a pretty extensive coloring process. "I had to first pre-lighten her hair with Joico’s Blonde Life. Thank god I had my bestie Riawna Capri to help me because we put in what felt like hundreds of foils. After processing we did a quick pre-tone to kick out any unwanted yellow before applying the blue. This was an important step as the blue mixed with yellow could’ve gone green," Lee noted in a press release.

From there, the pair applied Joico’s Color Intensity in True Blue and Mermaid Blue from roots to mid-shaft. For the ends, Duff's hair was colored with Mermaid Blue, and a hint of Peacock Green. "After we did a deep conditioning treatment on her hair with In Common’s Crystal Cashmere to lock and seal everything in," Lee said.

As for how to get a similar look at home, you could always try a shade of blue on pre-lightened hair, or use a color specifically formulated to appear on darker hair.

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