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Glow Recipe Just Dropped Its First-Ever Body Care Product

An honest review of the new Watermelon Glow Pink Dream Body Cream.

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Over the course of the pandemic, the beauty world and its consumers came to the realization that there was a major lack of product in the body care department. Beauty and skincare fans continuously asked for their favorite brands to release much-loved products in formulas that would work just as well for the body. Glow Recipe is the latest brand to give their fans — or the "Glow Gang" if you will — what they want with its new Watermelon Glow Pink Dream Body Cream.

What it is:

Officially launched on February 23rd, the latest product from the K-Beauty brand is meant to hydrate, as well as smooth and exfoliate the skin on your body in just one step. The new Watermelon Glow Pink Dream Body Cream does this with the help of a formulation of the classic OG hydrator of hyaluronic acid with watermelon extract and seed butter — which combines watermelon seed oil and mango butter to maintain a high level of moisture in your skin. The formula also creates the sweet watermelon scent.

This new formula also includes hibiscus AHA as a natural alternative to chemical exfoliants that gently help to smooth dull and flaky skin, which makes it safe for daily use. The addition of bacuri butter improves the skin's barrier and reduces the loss of water and moisture, helping to keep skin supple.

The 240ml pink bottle comes with a built-in hand pump and is vegan and cruelty-free. Because of the sweet watermelon scent, the new body cream contains less than one percent of a sourced fragrance blend, too.

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Who it's for:

Since it has the multiple properties of hydration, moisture, exfoliating, and smoothing of texture, the body cream has everyone in mind. This time of the year, almost everyone experiences some sort of dryness in their skin due to the colder temperatures. Outside of dry skin, the versatility of this product is said to tackle concerns of bumpy skin and dry flakes, as well as dullness and dehydration.

In terms of skin type, Glow Recipe has created this product with multiple skin types in mind, from normal to dry or oily skin. It's also good to note that this product is said to work for those with sensitive skin.

Final Verdict:

During this time of the year, especially living in a state that truly experiences all four seasons, my skin can become extremely dry and can even start to feel a little scaly or flaky. With that said, I've tried my fare share of body creams and lotions, and there are two factors to this product that I just couldn't overlook.

First, the hibiscus AHA truly helped renew the look and texture of my skin without irritating it. This was the first time I considered the chemical formulation of my body products causing me to be a bit wary to use the body cream everyday, but the amount of AHA is so gentle that it made it great for everyday use.

Second, and this was probably what won me over, is the fact that this formula isn't sticky. Have you ever put on a lotion or cream and felt as if you had to wait around for 10 minutes before you can put your clothes on? Just because a body cream is super thick doesn't mean it moisturizes well. This body cream feels almost like a serum once it's rubbed in, leaving my skin soft and hydrated without feeling sticky.

Glow Recipe's new Watermelon Glow Pink Dream Body Cream is now available for $28 on both and Check out more of the product and campaign below.

Courtesy of Glow Recipe
Courtesy of Glow Recipe
Courtesy of Glow Recipe

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