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How CeraVe Became TikTok's Favorite Skincare Brand

Skinfluencers definitely made an impact.

TikTok fads come and go, lasting only as long as the app’s mysterious algorithm allows. However, one skincare brand has come with continued staying power, popping up in videos from noted skinfluencers and consumers alike.

Nearly 15 years after it first launched, CeraVe is as popular as ever. In fact, 2020 was especially impactful, as according to CeraVe Global General Manager, Penelope Giraud, the brand was recognized as one of the fastest growing for the year. While 2021 is only getting started, it's anticipated that the company will only continue to grow.

If you're wondering how a skincare brand found major success years after it first hit the market, Giraud has some insight. As she tells NYLON, social media has changed everything — particularly how brands are able to reach and educate consumers.

As Giraud explains, CeraVe saw a major increase in attention following the support of popular skincare YouTuber, Hyram Yarbro. From there, the social following only continued to grow, reaching its peak during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many turned to TikTok as a form of entertainment, and CeraVe found itself at the center of a dizzying number of videos. "Gen Z trusts the peers they see on social media who have become ingredient experts. CeraVe is a natural fit in this ingredient-first trend because it was touting its proprietary blend of ceramides and lipid molecules, developed by dermatologists, to help protect the skin, long before Instagram even existed," she explains.

With other influencers, skincare experts, and brands joining TikTok, Giraud points out that expert advice is more accessible and actionable than ever. "[TikTok] has encouraged young people to share their experiences and insights about skincare, as well as their passion for different products," she says. "Speaking for CeraVe, it has encouraged us to be even more authentic and transparent in how we communicate and to listen to the conversations that are happening across the platform to meet consumer needs in a more timely and relevant manner."

For those just joining in on the TikTok love for CeraVe, the brand has quite the history, beginning with its United States launch in 2005. Started with the help of dermatologists, CeraVe was later integrated into the Active Cosmetics Division of L'Oreal in 2017. From there, it expanded its market internationally, offering products that all rely on a specific CeraVe formulation.

With a focus on formula first, CeraVe products all contain the same blend of three ceramides, which repair and restore the skin barrier. "This formula-first ethos has allowed the brand to develop a simple point of view and minimalist regimen that makes skincare accessible and affordable to a wide audience," Giraud says. "CeraVe never abandoned its simple packaging (color-coded to encourage ease of use) and never tried to look or feel more expensive than it was. The product sizes are large because they’re meant to be for long-term use to support up to a six-month skincare regimen, including chronic eczema or acne treatment."

TikTok’s support of the brand can be largely attributed as a driving force behind its growth, but it’s worth considering the brand’s chosen price points, too. Participating in the latest skincare trend can often come with a hefty price tag, and while some are more than happy to splurge, CeraVe offers its range at drugstore-friendly pricing.

If you're new to TikTok's favorite skincare brand, CeraVe shared some of its staple items with NYLON, and you can see and shop the fan favorites, below.

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