Jackie Aina on the red carpet in a blue dress with plunging neckline.
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How Jackie Aina Built Her Brand And Made Her Mark On the Beauty Industry

A look at the creator's rise in the industry.

Since starting out on YouTube, Jackie Aina has consistently challenged and changed beauty industry norms. At the age of 21, she started uploading videos, sharing her life with the world. Years later, and she's more popular than ever. Here's how she's used her brand to make a mark on beauty:

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Aina joined YouTube in her early twenties. Initially, her goal was to use the platform as a means of self-expression. Aina told Fashionista that she was miserable then, and took the advice of a friend to start a channel, saying she was known for having “these colored eye shadows and for doing all these really bold looks with my dark skin”

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