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Jackie Aina Wants You To Stop Sleeping On These African-Owned Brands

"We're gonna make Black-owned a regular thing, a routine thing to do"

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Jackie Aina wants makeup fans to go beyond the brands that are trending at beauty stores and on social media. For her latest video, Aina focuses entirely on the African-owned beauty brands that aren't receiving mainstream attention.

Using products to complete a full face, she explains her intention with the clip, saying, "This is not a one off thing. Today, I wanted to put a special emphasis on African brands. The obvious Black-owned brands are the Fenty and the Pat [McGrath], but those are already mainstream. It was really important for me to do this video, and give a spotlight to brands that aren't really heard of or aren't household names yet."

For the video, the makeup artist, who recently announced a candle line, uses products from Yanga Beauty, Nuban Beauty, Uoma Beauty, Prime Beauty, OPV Beauty, Whip Lashed Cosmetics, Marena Beaute, and JD Glow Cosmetics.

Along with walking you through her entire makeup application process, Aina takes time to introduce each brand. She shares a bit more about the founders, and touches on the products used, beginning with Yanga Beauty's Prym Matte Primer. "Some of this is gonna be brand new stuff to you, and some of this I've been slowly sneaking into videos, here and there" she says. "I don't one these to be one-off videos. We're gonna make Black-owned a regular thing, a routine thing to do."

For those looking to improve their makeup process, along with expanding their current collection of products, Aina shares her tips for using concealer, highlighter, and prepping the skin for makeup application. "Complexion is my favorite part," she says, turning to the camera to show her flawless application.

She then moves on to foundation and bronzer, and finishes off the face with a bit of eyebrow grooming. For her eyes, she creates a "lavender mint concoction," and using the OPV Beauty Splash Palette, she points out how the pigmentation is great for darker skin tones.

As the video concludes, Aina again expresses her hope that the support for Black-owned beauty brands continues. "My goal was to introduce you to a brand you've never heard of before," she says. "Let's help to get them to occupy more shelf space in the Sephora's, and the Ulta's, and the CVS's and the Target's. We want everyone to get mainstream....It's always gonna be a continued effort."

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