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The Jelly Beauty Trend Is Still Going Strong — And These 11 Products Are Proof

The texture is making its mark in skincare, makeup, and haircare.

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New beauty trends pop up what seems like every day, but it is rare when one has the staying power to withstand years of relevance. But if one beauty trend has truly proven itself, it's the rise of the jelly beauty — the bouncy, juicy texture that has completely infiltrated other categories like hair and makeup. It might be easy to assume why they've become so popular, given just how dewy and glowy these products tend to leave the skin, but there are plenty of other benefits that go beyond the surface level.

"The trend towards jelly-textured beauty products originated in Korea and has become increasingly popular in the US," Marisa Plescia, cosmetic chemist and research scientist at NakedPoppy, an online clean beauty retailer, tells NYLON, noting that the biggest feature of the trend is that they're typically high in water content, making them ultra-hydrating. "Dehydrated skin lacks water, and since jelly-like skincare products are water-based, they can increase skin hydration. In addition, the aesthetics of a jelly-like product can feel pleasing to a consumer. They are lightweight, refreshing and cooling, absorb quickly into the skin, and are non-oily."

Plescia also says that hydrogels are a common technology amongst most jelly-like skincare products, crediting them for the soft, flexible, and effective delivery of active ingredients into the skin. If you're looking to get into the category, it's also important to remember that a product doesn't have to have "jelly" in its name to have a jelly-texture. In those instances, Plescia says there are certain ingredients you can look out for if you're not able to test the product before buying.

"Jelly textured skincare products are also often formulated with the hydration powerhouse ingredient hyaluronic acid, which retains water in the skin and can make the skin look plump and dewy," she adds. "Botanicals extracts, vitamin C, and AHAs are also commonly used in jelly products and add to the skin-boosting benefits of the product."

Ahead, check out 11 of our favorite jelly-textured products to see what all the hype is about.

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