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Kaia Gerber And Cara Delevingne Got Matching “Solemate” Tattoos

The pair shared a peek at their tiny tats on Instagram.

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In their latest declaration of love, Kaia Gerber and Cara Delevingne got matching tattoos, complete with a significant message. It's no secret that the pair are close friends, and after frequently appearing in self-quarantaine Instagrams together, the two unveiled tiny, matching foot tattoos.

Celebrating Delevingne's birthday on Wednesday, August 12, Gerber gave Instagram followers a look at the "solemate" tattoo she now shares with Delevingne. Posing with their feet pressed together, you could see that both have the world "solemate" scrawled on the arch of their feet. "Happy birthday to my solemate," Gerber wrote in an accompanying caption.

It's unclear when the tattoos were completed, but the Instagram Story marks the first time that fans have seen the ink. Further celebrating their friendship, Gerber went on to share videos and photos of the two spending time together. And based on a recent photo, in which the pair posed together in an oversized Folklore cardigan from Taylor Swift, it's clear their "solemate" status is certainly cemented.

The miniature ink is the latest addition in Gerber's growing tattoo collection. Back in July, fans spotted the numbers 444 on the model's right arm, and some speculated that the numbers had a possible religious significance. Her other tattoos include a recreation of a Picasso painting on her left arm, an angel tattoo on her ribs, and a rocket ship.

See the newest addition to Gerber's tattoo collection, below.

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