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Kourtney Kardashian Showed Off A New Heavy Metal Manicure On Instagram

We spy a spring manicure trend in her latest photo dump.

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In recent months, Kourtney Kardashian has become a master of the casual Instagram photo dump, in keeping with her new laissez-faire rock star attitude. From curated Valentine’s Day photos with fiancé Travis Barker to blurry vacation pics, the KUWTK star often gives us a peek behind the curtain at her day-to-day life. Yesterday, this curated group of images included her latest on-trend manicure—silver metallic nails.

The series of photos, captioned “a very good week”, starts with video game consoles, includes a close-up of silver tooth gems, and just a glimpse of her nails in candid shots—including her stirring a drink at a restaurant. Despite not including a full nailfie, her latest nails look like an oval-shaped manicure with metallic paint, with 3D chrome-like texture.

Metallic nails are currently having a major moment, with Dua Lipa opting for a gold metallic mani over the festive season. They precious metal color palette is also often combined with another up-and-coming nail trend—three-dimensional nails. Dua Lipa’s metallic nails had large 3D extraterrestrial-looking blobs, and other popular manicures combine circular shapes with swirls. The metallic trend won’t just be limited to the classic shades of silver, gold, and bronze. Expect to see every color from Chromatica pink chrome to spaceship green (and beyond).

Kourtney has previously posted her manicures, including her black engagement nails in October 2021 and red Valentine’s Day manicure, but this latest one might be our favorite. As always, we’re just excited to be seeing some behind-the-scenes moments and, if she keeps up the photo dumps, her Instagram could quickly become a go-to for manicure inspiration.

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