Lady Gaga’s Haus Labs Is Dropping An Italian Glam Makeup Collection

Introducing, “Casa Gaga”.

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If you’re tuned in at all to the fashion or film scenes, you know that Lady Gaga is starring in the upcoming biopic, House of Gucci that’s being released this upcoming Thanksgiving. Playing Patrizia Reggiani, Gaga has truly embodied the role of the Italian socialite, so much so that it’s recently been reported that the singer spent over a year channeling the life of Lady Gucci– including speaking with an Italian accent for nine full months. With that level of commitment in mind, it only seems fitting that Gaga would incorporate her Italian influence into her other upcoming projects. Enter, the new Haus Laboratories Casa Gaga Italian Glam Collection.

Lady Gaga’s beauty brand announced the new collection on Tuesday, November 2, on Instagram. The limited edition collection features offers glamorous, 1980s Italy-inspired makeup delights for the eyes, cheek, and lips, all in new-to-the brand gold accented packaging. Some highlights of the collection include a gel-powder golden highlighter embossed with the words, “Casa Gaga” and a limited edition version of the brand’s signature black Liquid Eye-Lie-Ner in metallic gold packaging. Everything from the collection is meant to exude opulence. The tagline for the collection is “There’s glam. Then there’s Italian Glam”. Which really sets the tone for what to expect.

Sarah Tanno, Lady Gaga’s makeup artist and global artistry director for Haus Labs says that she and Gaga took inspiration not only from Italy but by the time period of the movie. They wanted the collection to emulate by they way that people were doing the makeup the same way they would in the time period of the movie. That means makeup products that could be multi-use on different parts of the face and could be applied with fingers or a brush. “It was really all about finding the textures that were velvety and beautiful and could melt into the skin,” says Tanno. “I think we really accomplished that with the new gel-to-powder finish.”

The collections, luxe pink and red tones will transport you to the streets of Venice or Milan. And, because the entire collection evokes Italian beauty, every product has a fitting shade name. The lipsticks named after Italian women, like Sophia Loren and Stefania Germonatta (of course), and blushes are named after Italian drinks, like Bellini and Amarone.

The Haus Laboratories Casa Gaga Italian Glam Collection will be available starting Tuesday, November 9th exclusively on and You can avoid having to make a decision about what to buy and purchase the entire collection for $198 or choose your favorite pieces à la carte. It’s up to you how you go for the glam.

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