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Lady Gaga Might Be Working On A Skincare Line

She dropped a major hint on social media.

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Already a bonafide queen of beauty, Lady Gaga could be eyeing a move into the skincare industry. The founder of Haus Labs celebrated the winter season with a festive Instagram selfie, but it's the photo's accompanying caption that caught the attention of fans.

Divulging her secret to achieving perfect makeup application, Lady Gaga wrote that it all comes down to skincare. Calling herself a super nerdy skincare fairy, she revealed the skincare routine she follows. "I believe almost all skin problems are cause by disruption of skin barrier and microbiome," she wrote. "My trick is to use solutions that balance my skin by interrupting any inflammation caused by free-radicals or products."

As for the products included in her official makeup trick, Lady Gaga dropped an emoji with glasses, writing, "I use products I develop... exclusively for me."

Followers naturally took to the comments section to speculate on the caption, and with Haus Labs leaving two eyes as a response, some believe a Haus Labs skincare collection could be coming. "So you’re making skin care products," one Instagram follower theorized. While others are prematurely prepared to fully support Mother Monster's latest beauty endeavor, writing, "idc what anyone says I am SO here for Haus Labs skin care" and "Absolutely will be buying every skin care product HausLabs puts out."

The post offers little in the way of official confirmation, but based on the initial trademark filings for Haus Labs, additional products outside of the beauty space aren't be out of the question. Lady Gaga's Haus Labs trademark covered a number of items, including cosmetics, facial cleansers, perfumes, nail polish, and even deodorant.

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