21 Tattoo Ideas That are Perfect For Leo Season

Not all of them are lions.

Ahh, Leo season is finally here. From now until August 22 it’s going to be all about the Leos, all the time—and if you are a Leo or have one in your life, you know exactly how true that statement is. This part of the year is when Leos thrive in their fiercest and most ferocious true form, making it the perfect time to show their sign pride with a brand new tattoo.

If you’re into tattoos or thinking about getting your very first, you can’t go wrong celebrating your astrological sign, especially if you’re a prideful Leo. There are a ton of tattoo designs out there to help express the lion in you. But no need to limit your options to the king of the jungle. While the lion is Leo’s official icon, there are even more possibilities when it comes to design. If you’re willing to open your mind, there are even more options than constellation tattoos and minimalist symbols (both beautiful options). Leos are fire signs, ruled by the sun, meaning sunburst designs can represent part of your Leo identity– as can sunflowers, the sign’s signature flower.

Up ahead, we gathered 21 different Leo inspired tattoo designs in a variety of placements for you or the Leo in your life.