10 Libra-Inspired Nail Art Ideas For The Most Social Season

Celebrating the charismatic air sign.

Mercury may still be in retrograde (it finally ends on October 2), but we are still entering a social and harmonious new season— Libra season. The sign is known for being balanced and charismatic, looking at the world through a rational lens while also floating effortlessly through social dynamics.

This season is all about balance, meaning self-care days are definitely on the horizon. So, to help you choose your next manicure when you go to the salon and unwind, we’ve rounded up the best nail art inspired by poised Libras.

Double Ombre

Did we mention that Libra’s like balance? This ombre nail design is aesthetically-pleasing, proportioned, and (most importantly) symmetrical.

Checkered Nails

Capture Libra’s affinity for orderliness with checkered nail art.

Pink Quartz

As an air sign, Libras are flirty and romantic, so consider taking mani inspiration from the crystal meant to channel love.


Nothing represents an air sign like creatures that fly— including ever-popular butterflies.

Psychedelic Swirls

These multicolor 3D swirls radiate even and calming energy.

Gummy Bear Nails

These two-toned gummy nails satisfy Libras’ need for fun and novelty.

Gems & Chrome

Bringing everyone’s attention to your manicure with centered, symmetrical gem.

Sweet Green

We love these green aura nails, with flowing gold detailing.

Rave Hearts

When Libra’s are in love, it’s not a secret to those around them. Wear your heart on your sleeve (or nails) with this incredibly cool cut-out rave heart design.

Marble Nails

These marbleized nails combine all of the perfect soothing colors of fall.

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