Lizzo’s Futuristic Gov Ball Glam Was Inspired By Virtual Reality

The singer’s makeup artist Alexx Mayo takes us behind the scenes of her latest show-stopping look.

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Gov Ball kicked off in New York on Friday, June 9, with Lizzo headlining beside Lil Uzi Vert, Haim, Diplo, and more. Considering that Lizzo has been on tour since September of 2022 (with her current tour set to conclude at the Fuji Rock Festival on July 30), it’s no surprise that the singer took the audience to another dimension on stage, with her Gov Ball glam being “intergalactic” to match.

Lizzo’s makeup artist Alexx Mayo told NYLON that the makeup look—including a black glittery graphic cat eye—took inspiration from her architectural and futuristic metallic silver outfit for the event. “We're just kind of looking to the future and thinking about what makeup looks like then,” he said. “Especially with VR and AR, we wanted to go for something almost robotic or alien.” Mayo also revealed that Beyonce's “Alien Superstar” has been playing on repeat backstage. “Maybe that had a sort of subconscious effect on the look as well.”

Courtesy of Clinique

To create Lizzo’s Gov Ball glam, Mayo employed Clinique products. “Their Even Better Clinical Serum Foundation has been a staple throughout the process because it’s lightweight and long-lasting,” Mayo says. “The last thing we want to worry about the night of a show is whether her makeup needs to be reapplied,” he says of the 24HR matte finish foundation. Mayo says Clinique’s fan-favorite Chubby Sticks are also a “must” for contouring, highlighter, and blush. He also used three different shades of the Even Better All Over Concealer—one color to correct, one to conceal, and one to brighten and highlight.

Mayo has not missed serving on one single glam for Lizzo’s ongoing tour and revolving door of looks. The range from metallics and face gems and bright shimmering colors and cut creases to graphic star designs cements the overall intergalactic bombshell glam theme. He credits Lizzo with giving him the freedom to play with her look as an artist. “I think she really trusts me in my vision,” he says. “I'm constantly gathering inspiration and I'm constantly thinking about references or ideas.” The entire process, Mayo says, is extremely experimental.

For those who, like Lizzo, are looking take their makeup not just a new level but a whole different dimension, Mayo says it’s time to switch it up from the comfort of your neutral eyeshadow palette. (Lizzo even had pink hair for the Gov Ball show, after all). “We all have that neutral palette that we pull out every day, but I think people can get scared of color,” he says. To start small, breaking into trying experimental and alien-inspired makeup May recommends playing with colorful eyeliner. “Instead of doing your normal black cat eye, pick up a neon green or fuchsia.” Consider that permission from Mayo, and even Lizzo herself, to ramp up your eye looks this summer.

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