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Megan Fox’s Beauty Evolution, From Y2K Icon to Punk Rock Fiancé

The star has signature look but embraces subtle changes.

Few celebrities have stayed true to their signature look quite like Megan Fox over the past two decades. Forever a natural beauty, Megan’s long sleek dark hair, and classically vampy makeup looks have transcended the trends of each year, keeping her iconically unique over the years. Even as her style has once again started trending, she’s been much copied but never replicated.

Now back in the spotlight with brand new fiancé MGK, Megan’s look has taken her from original Y2K icon to 2020s punk rock royalty, all while embracing only minor hair and makeup changes.

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In the early 2000s, Megan Fox embraced her natural freckles with light coverage makeup and a true Y2K combination of lip gloss, thin eyebrows, and heavy eyeliner.