Moon Sign-Inspired Nail Art Ideas For A Subtle Ode To Your Birth Chart

Manicures written in the stars.

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In astrology, your moon sign represents your essence. Unlike your outward-facing sun sign, it’s the unconscious side of yourself that not everyone will see. This very personal planetary placement digs below the surface to expose your emotions, fears, and longings.

If you’re looking to tap into your moon sign and feel more connected with yourself and your birth chart, here are nail art ideas for every sign to help communicate your inner self, outwards.


Honor your fiery side with this orange, red, and silver metallic flame manicure.


Taurus is a sign of relaxation and serenity, so it inspires a soothing manicure.


Geminis are represented by twins, suggesting multiple personalities—making a mismatched manicure a perfect fit.


Get in touch with your inner water sign with this oceanic aura manicure.


Everyone knows that Leos are the stars of the zodiac. This nail art design will help you tap into the performer inside.


This grounding manicure reflects the earth itself, carrying centered Virgo energy.


With a Libra moon, you have a flirtatious nature. This heart manicure will help you capture and channel that loving energy.

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Scorpios are often the most misunderstood of the zodiac signs. This mani has a powerful, dynamic energy that’s at the same time subtle and strong.


With a Sagittarius moon, you’re a positive and adventurous person—so why not experiment with attention-grabbing colors and lettering?


This reflective manicure goes with everything, capturing the calm and practical nature of the Capricorn zodiac sign.

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This funky, colorful, 3D manicure gives off major air sign energy, suited for people with an Aquarius moon who are characterized by their creativity and desire to color outside of the lines.


A soft and sensitive water sign, people with Pisces moons can tap into their more emotional side with metallic blue swirling nail art.

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