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Nest’s Perfume Oils Make It Easy To Layer Scents Like A Pro

Customization is key to creating my signature scent.

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I love the idea of whatever scent I wear being totally unique to me, so I’m always mixing and layering them together. Unfortunately, my chemistry experiments sometimes lead to neutralizing the notes I loved the most, creating some unpleasant scent combos, or disrupting the integrity of how long the fragrance would last. However, that all changed for me with NEST’s easy-to-use Perfume Oils Collection. Now my fragrance game is top tier.

NEST is known for luxury scents, but is primarily recognized for their home fragrances including giftable scented candles and potent reed diffusers that can transform the vibe of a room instantly. However, I’ve always felt my favorite products from the line were their personal fragrances. I have tried many over the years—the the warm, amber-y Sunkissed Hibiscus is a reliable standby—so when the perfume oils launched, I couldn’t wait to try them.

The NEST Perfume Oil Collection consists of five highly concentrated fragrances each featuring one hero note blended with baobab oil for a long-wearing scent experience that also feels nourishing on your skin. The five oils are Turkish Rose, a classic rose-forward scent, Indian Jasmine, a warmer, richer floral, Madagascar Vanilla, the sweet gourmand of the group, Seville Orange, an energizing citrus, and South Pacific Sandalwood, a more earthy and woody note.

As a fragrance lover, initially I lapped on a fragrance as if it were baby oil— and then I felt nauseous and got a headache. But, when I went back to try them again, I knew to start with the tiniest amount. So take my warning (for the sake of your scent tolerance and your wallet) a little goes a long way. I use the dropper to apply one drop to my wrists and neck, or I carefully take just a couple of drops between my palms and apply directly to my body more like a traditional oil. They’re also particularly easy to mix with unscented body moisturizer. When I do that it’s great to know I’m covered and smelling amazing, even if I rush out the door without putting on a perfume.

Turkish Rose and Seville Orange became my instant favorites. As concentrated versions of my favorite notes, these oils are perfect to amp up some of my go-to fragrances with more of the stuff I love. Dylan by Rosie Jane is my favorite scent to wear year-round because the spicy frankincense and earthy cedar notes are both grounding and inexplicable rich, making me extra confident when I wear it. But, add Turkish Rose to the mix and now, it’s a flirtier and more feminine take on the woody perfume. Pair it with Seville Orange and now, the intense scent feels much lighter and more playful with the addition of fresh citrus, making it just right for daytime wear.

I want to be asked, “What are you wearing!?” whenever I’m wearing fragrance, but that doesn’t mean I always want to share my secrets. Today, I’m feeling generous and sharing that these oils have become my beauty trick for always having my own customized fragrance. I highly recommend the NEST oils to the perfume diva who can’t stand the idea of having the same signature scent as anyone else and is always looking for something that’s super exclusive. If you love flowery scents like me, Turkish Rose brings out even the slightest floral note in any fragrance, rounding it out with delicateness and femininity. However, having tried all five, I think you cannot go wrong with whichever note resonates with your vibe the most.

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