NYLON’s Favorite Beauty Products Of November 2023

The best things we tried this month.

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The moment the calendar hits Nov. 1, it feels like we are barreling towards the end of the year at super speed. With 2024 on the horizon, every weekend immediately gets booked up with events. There are Friendsgiving celebrations, squeezing in catchup drinks before the new year, and holiday parties for every friend group you have. Charge up your social battery now because it’s going to be a busy season.

Bringing the fun and festive vibes can be as easy as throwing on a bright red lip or a sparkly smoky eye. A chic ballerina bun or crimped mermaid hair can immediately put you in the headspace to party. Getting ready can be half of the fun of the night anyway. Read on for our recs of the best beauty products we tried in November 2023. There’s bound to be something that gets you in the mood to celebrate.

Hyper Shine High Lite Kit
KJH Brand

Makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes made the highlighter to end all highlighters. It has two steps— the Shine Lite Pigment and the amplifying Hyper Shine Serum which combined give you a ring-light busting glow.

Air Angel Hydrating Gel Cream
Dieux Skin

We have already proclaimed our love for the Instant Angel Moisturizer, but now Dieux Skin has answered the call for a lighter, gel version for all of the acneic and oily girlies. It also works as an extra hydrator under the thicker moisturizer if you want to double up on your blessings.