Double Take

Two Hair Pros Take On The Baby Braids Trend

One look, two ways.

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Welcome to Nylon’s new series Double-Take, where we challenge two beauty pros to put their spin on a trending look. First up: braided tendrils.

Beauty trends can be tricky. When it comes to recreating the looks you’re undoubtedly seeing all over your Instagram feed, what you really want is to make it look like your own and a not Control + C version of somebody else’s.

Here’s where NYLON Double Take comes in. This brand new YouTube series, which launched on February 1, will be the place to find the latest trends plus the coolest ways to wear them. Each video will include two hair or makeup artists sharing their spin on a burgeoning trend and making it all their own.

First on the agenda is baby braids, a style that’s been gaining popularity for months and shows no signs of slowing down. When Hailey Bieber, Laura Harrier, Ariana Grande, and even the Euphoria kids are all sporting the same look, you know it has infiltrated the culture. Full of Y2K girl band nostalgic appeal and practicality (braids keep your hair off of your face), baby braids look cute on absolutely everyone.

Here, we have hairstylists Jillian Halouska and Dre giving their takes on the baby braids trend and sharing how they make the style work for their own hair type. Jillian has thick, long curly hair and bangs, while Dre has high density, coarse and thick bob-length hair. Baby braids work for them both, but as expected, the results are unique to each hairstylist.

As the pros reveal, it does take a bit more than just three-strand braiding skills to make their finished styles look completely cool and customized. Whether it is giving the they style a polished finish with hair oil and pomade or swapping out elastics with colorful beads, the tool box is key— something to consider if you’re trying it out the trend at home.

Check out hairstylists Jillian Halouska and Dre as they tackle the baby braids trend. Many more hot trend takes will be shared via NYLON Double Take on the Bustle YouTube channel. These hair and makeup pros have done everything including work with celebrity clients, on editorial photoshoots, and backstage at Fashion Week, so they’re the first ones to know what the newest trends are, have the skills to show you how to get the look, and help inspire you to make it all your own.


Talent: Jillian Halouska & Dre

Executive Producer: Whitney Buxton

Executive Creative Director: Lauren Sofair

Executive Beauty Director: Faith Xue

Producer: Danielle Alfredo

Post Supervisor: Amy Eakin

Editor: Cian Smith

Motion Designer: Ling Yang

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