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NYLON Editors Share Their Favorite Scents For National Fragrance Day

No gatekeeping here!

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While we all enjoy the thrill of swiping on fresh lipstick or mascara, there’s something about a spritz of fragrance that goes above and beyond what a mere fresh coat of paint can do. Trying out a new perfume is more akin to trying out a new identity. After all, a scent cloud is basically just an aura that’s easier for others to perceive. Your scent can subtly (or not so subtly, depending on your taste) change how others experience you, and even how you feel about yourself.

Once you find a fragrance you love, slipping back into it is like wearing a weightless security blanket. Not only will you love catching a whiff of your scent in your hair or on your clothing, but you can also feel great about the way you’re projecting yourself to the world. Whether you’re all about a singular signature scent or a rotating wardrobe of fragrances, how you see your relationship is entirely personal. But, if you’re looking for something new — whether you’re a celebrity fragrance fanatic, #PerfumeTok devotee, or a sucker for a niche brand — there’s always a way to find your next obsession at the (virtual) perfume counter.

For National Fragrance Day this March 21, NYLON editors are sharing the top scents they reach for to boost their confidence (and to smell really, really good). No gatekeeping here. Check out our favorites below.

“With jasmine, pink peppercorn, and patchouli, Marissa Zappas' musky potion, Flaming Creature, is carnal glamour at its best. I rarely leave the house without putting it on.” — Sophia June, culture writer

“Despite the fact that I’ve lived in the city for over a decade, I am a beach girl at heart. Louis Vuitton Afternoon Swim is my favorite spring and summer fragrance; its light, citrusy scent is ideal for sunny days, and is reminiscent of hazy afternoons spent by a body of water, draped in linen, drinking an Aperol spritz. I might not have an Italian getaway planned for the warmer season ahead, but this is the next best thing.” —Alyssa Vingan, editor-in-chief

“Armani Code is technically a men’s fragrance, but wearing a more masculine, woody scent makes me feel confident as hell. It has become my signature.” —Kelly Reed, social media strategist

“I keep coming back to Delina by Parfums de Marly because it's fresh and light, but also memorable. I love the hints of rose and vanilla, and the bottle looks extremely cute on my night stand — which is always a plus.” —Laura Pitcher, beauty writer

“Replica Jazz Club has been my scent since college. I love how adult and mysterious this scent makes me feel!” —Steffanee Wang, music editor

“One spritz of Hilde Soliani Una Tira L'Altra instantly makes me feel like the coolest girl at the party. There’s something cheeky, sophisticated, and a little bit naughty about this true cherry fragrance that keeps me coming back for more.” —Layla Halabian, culture editor

“There’s something so sexy and slinky about a fragrance that smells like a cocktail. Kilian Paris Angels’ Share has its identifiable, delectable notes of cognac, spicy cinnamon, and sweet vanilla, but it’s complicated enough to still be intriguing.” — Sam Neibart, beauty editor