‘Summer House’ star Paige DeSorbo and her beauty products


‘Summer House’ Star Paige DeSorbo Is Very Picky About Her Beauty Products

“Anything I really like, know that it's never going to be oily, greasy, or sticky.”

Reality TV is a guilty pleasure (or just a pleasure, depending how you look at it) because it gives viewers a voyeuristic peek into other people’s lives. Bravo’s Summer House has a little extra dose of reality — unlike many other reality shows, it doesn’t only have a camera crew following people and leaving at the end of the day, there are cameras mounted on the ceiling at all times, leaving little space for the cast to have a private moment. This, of course, gives us a lot of insight into the people we’re watching, including cast member Paige DeSorbo, who has been recording her summers for public consumption for the past four years on the series. Through appearing on Summer House she’s shared so much of her life, from her relationships and friendships to her well-planned outfits.

In the off seasons, DeSorbo also spends a lot of time sharing herself and her opinions with others as both an influencer and podcaster. Literally, a lot of people have been asking her about what she wears, what her beauty routine is like, and so much more. But what she feels is most important is staying true to herself and relatable. “My happy medium is looking like myself, feeling like myself... I like being real,” she says. “If you see me on TV and it’s 9 a.m. when we’re filming, like no, I'm not wearing makeup. That would be insane.”

Below Paige talks to NYLON about being picky about her beauty products, coordinating makeup to her outfits, and not always having to be camera ready.

What’s your earliest beauty memory?

I grew up in the early nineties and my mom always had these long, red nails. I remember being little and watching her getting ready to go out to dinner on a Saturday night. And she would put red lipstick on that matched her red nails. I always thought, “Wow, I can't wait to be older and I can wear red lipstick.” Cut to, I'm 29 years old and I think I've worn red lipstick, like, three times since. I feel like it's very messy and a lot of work. But I used to love how her nails would match her lipstick.

How did your relationship with beauty evolve?

I was in high school and every girl going to prom would go and get their makeup done. I did it one time and I remember thinking I didn’t look anything like myself. So then I never got my makeup done for prom and I always did it myself. That's when I first used a foundation, ‘cause I had never used one before, you know, when you're 15 and you’re so even and glowy. That was when I first started using makeup. The first time I ever put on a lash strip, my world was changed. I think using eyelashes was the first time I realized you can change your entire look with just one simple add-on. I definitely started experimenting with makeup in high school. And then in 2020, everyone was on TikTok and I was like, “Wait, I'm a beauty guru now?” Because I've just watched everything and anything that was viral on TikTok. I tried it, I bought it. Because what else were we doing at the time?

You’re mostly known for fashion, how do you relate your fashion sensibilities to beauty?

I think a lot of the times I'm known more for fashion rather than beauty, because I'm so picky on beauty brands. I'm very picky about the way makeup feels on my skin. I can't wear foundations a lot of the times because of it, so when I find a foundation that feels like I'm not wearing it, then I'm obsessed with it. The Revolution Beauty [IRL Filter Foundation] is like that. It’s light and airy and doesn't feel like I'm wearing makeup.

I feel like Monday through Friday, I'm not usually wearing a lot of makeup. I'm more of a weekend makeup girl. I also feel like I grew up with my mom saying the power of makeup is looking like you're not wearing any, so that it's just enhancing your beauty. I've kind of gone with that my whole life. I love a beauty trend, like an extreme contour and an orange eyelid, but my go-to is more of a light makeup look that feels good. Anything super cakey and greasy — it's just not my vibe.

Are there any makeup tips from TikTok you learned that stuck with you?

I never used to prime my face. I didn't know everyone was out here running home at night and priming their faces before they put makeup on! I had no idea. That definitely changed my beauty routine.

What’s your day-to-day routine like now?

Obviously, I know everyone's supposed to be wearing sunscreen every single day, but I always had a hard time finding a good one because, again, I hate the sticky feeling on my face. So anything I really know that it's never going to be oily, greasy, or sticky. I just found a good sunscreen that I’ve been using. It's from Nécessaire. I always have this one Goop Beauty lip balm, which I know some people are like, “it's so expensive,” but I love a Gwyneth Paltrow moment for myself. I'll just do my lip liner with that clear balm rather than full lipstick or lip gloss. Especially in the summer — I feel like it's been particularly hot in New York City. I'm very into going all day with no makeup on and just a really good sunscreen and moisturizer and then at nighttime and on the weekends is when I really do a good glam.

How long does it take to do your makeup when you go all out?

I'm kind of a quick person that way. I pick my outfit first. Some people do their makeup first — I've never understood that. I pick my outfit out first, because I want my makeup to vibe with whatever I'm wearing. I've always been a lighter makeup person, but I need my foundation, need a good bronzer and blush. Then, I usually use my bronzer as my eyeshadow — I'm not a huge eyeshadow person — but then I love a strong brow.

How would you adjust your makeup to go with your outfit?

There was such a Euphoria trend happening earlier this year and in my head I wondered, “Am I too old to do this?” I still did it. I love a solid orange eyelid or a cobalt blue shadow, if I'm wearing something a little bit more simple where my makeup can really pop. I also love a good winged eyeliner. I'm not that great at it, but I do think it really changes the shape of your eye and so it's fun to play around with that.

Has being on TV changed your approach to beauty at all?

I feel like I haven't changed — I haven’t changed my beauty routine. I've never gotten Botox. I've never gotten fillers. I don't really buy into the idea you have to go get plastic surgery and you have to change everything about yourself. If you want to and it makes you happy, I'm so happy for you and down for that. But I feel like I can do a lot with certain makeup products. My happy medium is looking like myself, feeling like myself and the look lasting all day. I like being real. If you see me on TV and it’s 9 a.m. when we’re filming, like, no, I'm not wearing makeup. That would be insane. Just because there's a camera there, I'm not going to put a full face on. I feel that’s being normal and relatable. When you wake up hungover with your friends, you wanna chug a Coca-Cola, not put mascara on.