Peach & Lily’s Latest Launch Is Like Having “Glass Skin On Tap”

It's bound to be just as iconic as the brand's Glass Skin Serum.

It's been two years since K-beauty retailer Peach & Lily launched its now iconic Glass Skin Serum, and subsequently kicked off the Glass Skin phenomenon stateside. In the time since, the product has garnered hundreds of five-star reviews, sold out over 12 times, and has allowed the brand to pace itself behind the scenes to craft a follow-up for the buzzy glass skin routine. Now, that long-awaited wait is over with the debut of Peach & Lily's new Glass Skin Veil Mist ($29).

Designed to complement the serum, the brand's new mist is multi-purpose, equipped to be used liberally as a spritz throughout the day on bare skin; worn before applying makeup and in-between application layers to boost the glow and bounce of products; and as a mist over makeup to not only revive throughout the day, but to add a glassy sheen not often possible through layers of product. However you use it, the result is the same: a luminous, healthy glowing complexion.

“Think of glass skin, the skincare goal, as a plant," Alicia Yoon, the brand's founder and CEO, shared in a press release. "You need a great foundation and good soil to bring it — poreless, luminous, translucent-looking skin — to life. That’s what the Glass Skin Refining serum aims to do. The Glass Skin Veil Mist is like a water mist that you spray on the plant (aka your Glass Skin) throughout the day to keep it looking its best 24/7."

Peach & Lily

Unlike other water-based mists that offer a short-lived refreshing burst but fail to lock in lasting moisture, this unique formulation utilizes pumped-up cucumber water that delivers powerful and highly moisturizing antioxidants. In addition to its base, the mist is formulated with a superstar lineup of ingredients, including resilience-boosting peach extract, calming cica, brightening lotus and licorice root, and Reishi mushroom, an adaptogen known to reduce signs of inflammation, damage, and redness. The formula also includes a powerful proprietary ingredient, described as a "plant-based silicone alternative," made of burdock root, mulberry, and bamboo extracts to give the skin a bouncy, dewy finish.

There's no scent, and texture-wise, the mist is fine — gently coating the skin without leaving it to feel heavy or damp. Having incorporated it into my routine for over a month, the mist has turned me from a skeptic to an obsessive. I like to keep my routine minimal, and even more so during quarantine, so I'm not one to incorporate steps I've deemed unnecessary in the past, like mists and essences.

To my surprise, though, Peach & Lily's Glass Skin Veil Mist did exactly what it claimed to do for my skin: giving me instantly dewy skin with results that last entirely longer than other mist I've tried. I reach for it before every Zoom call — but even when my calendar is clear, it gets multiple daily uses, just because my skin hasn't ever looked healthier.

Just as ideal for those who have almost entirely given up on daily makeup during the day as it is for those who still enjoy putting looks together, but are suffering from indoor air dehydration, Peach & Lily's Glass Skin Veil Mist will easily become complexion staple, for quarantine and beyond.

Check out the mist in action below, and shop the new launch at and for $29.