Cozy Plaid Nail Art Ideas For Your Next Fall Manicure

The winter pattern gets a manicured upgrade.

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Nothing says the seasons are changing like a plaid print. Year after year, as soon as the temperature drops our patterned favorites start to emerge out of the back of the closet. Think thick wool coats, pleated skirts, and snuggly scarves. It’s predictable and that’s what makes it cozy and comforting. The print is such a fall to winter staple that it’s only natural, as nail art has become so ubiquitous, that plaid nails would start to emerge as a new place to show your (intersecting) stripes.

Proving the trend, on October 2, Lizzo blessed us with square-tipped Burberry plaid nail art along with a perfectly coordinated corset top and mini skirt. With chunky highlights, ’90s barrettes, and sparkling diamonds the overall impression was much more contemporary than preppy, even though it undeniably serving us Clueless energy. Aligning the collegiate print with cheeky Y2K vibes has reignited our excitement for the print this fall.

Long gone are the days where plaid was overlooked and boring. The print has been refreshed with a healthy dose of on-trend nostalgia, interesting color combinations, fashion references, and even French tips. It’s time to jump on the tartan train. Below, check out 15 different ways to wear the plaid nails trend this season.

Pretty Natural Plaid

A khaki base or overall neutral palette for a plaid pattern creates a manicure that looks deceptively simple. No need to worry about wearing clashing prints (if that bothers you). Matching your nails to your clothing like Lizzo is optional, but consider it encouraged.

French Cuff

Another trend we can attribute to Y2K nostalgia is French tips. For an elevated take on the trend, as your nail artist for some simple dark and white lines over the color of your choice.

Breaking Plaid

While plaid usually has us thinking of navy, greens, and reds, there are really no rules when building your own color palette. Trying ice cream pastels or an array of fluro-colors will keep your plaid nails from feeling too prep school.

Only Partially Plaid

Negative space manis are having a huge moment right now. Adding a geometric plaid designs into the mix adds extra interest.

Big Checks

Buffalo plaid is plaid, too. If the large array or colors and skinny stripes aren’t for you, adjust the trend to two shades and a more checkered look.

Totally Clueless

Really tuck into the end of the millennium vibes and pay homage to Cher’s iconic plaid skirt and blazer combo from Clueless with a punchy yellow and black color combo.

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