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13 Vitamin C Serums For A Brighter, Smoother Complexion

From Klur to Drunk Elephant.

Vitamin C serums have been long touted as a go-to by beauty enthusiasts and dermatologists alike for years — and for good reason. The innocuous but potent product is known to be an effective way to treat hyperpigmentation, skin dullness, dark marks, and wrinkles. What's more? It works on all skin types.

"Vitamin C is one of many powerful antioxidants that has a multitude of benefits for the skin," Beverly Hills-based celebrity facialist Candace Marino tells NYLON. " I call antioxidant serums the insurance policy for your sunscreen because they protect the cells from any harmful UV rays or environmental factors that enter our skin. Vitamin C is also a pigment inhibitor meaning it prevents the formation of sunspots and will help keep the skin even and youthful."

And while how to use vitamin C serums will vary from person to person (and skin type to skin type), Dr Shari Sperling of Sperling Dermatology advises that timing it right along with specific storing techniques can maximize its effectiveness. “It’s best the use in the morning. Store the serum in a dark place, because vitamin C is unstable and can change if exposed to light," she tells NYLON. "The antioxidants in vitamin C work to fight against free radicals in the skin, thus protecting the skin and [allowing] it heal healthier.”

Ahead, check out some of the most effective vitamin C serums and creams available on the market today, starting at $10.

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