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The Easiest Liner Hack Out There Is Now Trending On TikTok

But you'll have to get your hands dirty.

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In the world of makeup, there’s perhaps no skill more important to master than winged eyeliner. With new winged eyeliner looks trending every day — from the viral Julia Fox liner to “invisible eyeliner” — perfecting the art is a worthwhile and versatile investment for your makeup routine. It also seems like every day there’s a new hack to help us on our way. From stickers, to tracing under eye patches, to using tape in extreme ways, TikTok keeps on giving and giving. Now, the latest viral eyeliner hack suggests we should’ve been using our fingers all along.

TikTok beauty creator Bex first posted the new hack in September, calling it “the best liner hack.” In the viral video, she told her followers to draw a dot on their fingers with a black or brown pencil and then use that same finger to press into the corner of their eye and pull the winged shape outwards. The result was a perfect soft-winged eyeliner in a matter of seconds.

Since Bex posted the video, a number of beauty creators on the app have attempted the hack. Creator Mireya Rios posted a viral video last month where it didn’t work. “Probably doing it wrong,” she wrote as the caption. Other TikTokers have commented on Bex’s original video with mixed results. “I put a dot at the end of my eye and do this,” wrote one person. “Plot twist: doesn’t work if you have hooded eyes,” wrote another.

While it’s clear this latest eyeliner hack doesn’t work for everyone, those who can master it will be able to have the perfect cat eye in under ten seconds. As with any trend on the internet, you’ll only know if it works for you by trying it yourself. If not, there are countless other eyeliner hacks on TikTok that may be more of your cup of tea.

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