Eyebrow Tint Is Actually The Best Lip Liner, According To TikTok

That’s one way to solve the disappearing lip liner problem.

With the ’90s brown lip liner trend back in full swing (although a longtime staple for a lot of women of color in Black and Latinx communities), everyone is currently on the lookout for the best and latest liner hacks. Although iconic, darker lip liner is notoriously bad for being the first thing that rubs off when eating or drinking during your night out— an especially annoying occurrence after you’ve achieved that perfectly sculpted and defined line. To combat this, the creator who goes by Sacheu on TikTok has come up with a solution. Posting a “100% transfer-proof lip liner tutorial on the app yesterday, the video already has over 800 thousand views.

Sacheu starts the video by saying it’s the “smartest thing she’s ever come up with”. She then shares that she’s been using a brow pencil to line her lips for years, because as she sees it, brow pencils are a flattering neutral brown shade that goes with your skin tone. Following the natural progression of thought, the creator then tried using a long-wearing brow tint for a longer-lasting effect. The results are smudge-free and last for two to three days. Her caption was simply “ur welcome.”

She shows the process in the video, where she applies the tint like regular lip liner, going for a thick, Y2K effect. After three minutes, she then peals the tint off and uses a makeup wipe to remove the excess. From there, she puts on a regular nude lip to show the final result. “Now you the perfect nude lip that won’t rub off,” she says at the end of the video.

With over 123 thousand likes in counting, makeup lovers on TikTok have already approved the hack. “Bro ur living in 3000,” wrote one. “Omg I think you might’ve changed my life,” wrote another. Multiple people also asked what brow tint product she was using, which she revealed was the Maybelline New York Brow Tattoo Longlasting Tint in the light brown shade.

Previous viral videos have proven that TikTok can sell out a product, so those wanting to try the ingenious hack might want to make moves quickly to the drugstore. As always, it’s worth noting that since this product wasn’t designed for your lips, you’re going to want to make sure to keep it out of your mouth. And note, as this tint lasts for days, not hours, you’re also going to want to correct any mistakes before it sets. Happy lining!