A New TikTok Makeup Trend Is Supposed To Make People Fall In Love With You

Eyeliner can help you find love, apparently.

Makeup serves many purposes. It’s a medium to express your creativity, it can make you feel more confident, it can be a part of a self-care ritual, and it can make you look better. Makeup is no longer thought of as just a way to appear more attractive to yourself and others. But what if there were specific makeup techniques that could draw people in? A new eyeliner trend on TikTok says there are. By drawing four white dots around your eyes, you can apparently hypnotize people into falling in love with you.

The bold claims started from TikTok creator Michelle Diaz, who shares dating tips on her account. Diaz shared the hack on TikTok, saying that men have been unable to stop looking at her when she wears the white dot liner look. She’s had a number of responses from followers who’ve tried it and also claimed that it “hypnotized” the object of their affections.

In a tutorial, Diaz revealed her white eyeliner of choice was the NYX White Liquid Eyeliner. A great pick, at an affordable $7 price point. She says she likes to line up the top and bottom dots, followed by adding the small dots to the inner and outer corner of the eye. The whole eye makeup process takes only a few minutes. She adds that it’s “perfect for people that don’t like to do shadow or don’t know how to do shadow.”

As with a number of makeup tricks that have gone viral on the app, it wasn’t long before more people started sharing their own experiences with the white dot hack. Some people raved about the compliments, and others said that nothing happened (unsurprisingly). There have also been plenty of fails shared, where one creator noted that drawing the dots too large gives a clown-like effect. You never know, though — the clown look is trending elsewhere on the internet.

Alongside the makeup hack, there’s a bizarre TikTok trend where people use the Life Coach’s Amanda Clayton viral audio to manifest a specific person (like their ex) back into their life. Some people have even used the audio while they draw the four-dot eyeliner design.

With all the love, obsession, and manifestation spells going viral on TikTok, it’s a great time to remind ourselves that love should be reciprocated and if you have to draw white dots on your face or recite love spells in order for your ex to get back with you, you’re probably better off without them. Makeup should be for fun (and for yourself), but if you want to try the trend because it looks super cute, go ahead.