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This TikTok Hack Gives You The Thin Brows Look Without Tweezing

Low risk, high impact.

If it wasn’t already apparent, this fashion month confirms that skinny eyebrows have officially gone fashion mainstream. Thin brows were previously a divisive trend from the Y2K era, when the likes of Paris Hilton and Christina Aguilera ran around the club scene over-plucked or sometimes even with drawn on eyebrows. The last decade, up until TikTok’s renaissance of all things early 2000s has been all about bushy, natural brows (a là eyebrow queen Cara Delevingne). Recently, the likes of Doja Cat and Bella Hadid have been extreme in their love for thin brows, either plucking their brows into a skinnier shape or shaving their eyebrows off altogether and drawing new colorful patterns on, respectively.

Many of us have heard over-plucking horror stories from the ’90s and 2000s and have been hesitant to take the full commitment plunge to be on trend. For those looking to experiment with a skinner eyebrow shape without the buy-in that tweezers or a razor bring, a new TikTok hack has the answer. Originally shared by fashion and beauty creator Diamond Buckley earlier this year, another makeup creator @cutcreaser shared the technique this week and it immediately went viral.

In both tutorials, the creators start by brushing brow gel through their natural-shaped brows and then pinching the hair into the desired thin shape, using a dark eyebrow pen or eyeliner to draw a line overtop and add depth. @Cutcreaser then adds translucent powder over the new eyebrow shape before going over it again with an eyebrow pen. “you may have to lay the hairs down multiple times for it to stay in place. BE PATIENT” @cutcreaser wrote in the caption. The result of the now viral TikTok hack is dramatic, thin brows that you can wash or brush out after one day or one night out.

The technique is a take on the drag queen technique of gluing down one’s eyebrows to completely flatten them before drawing in a new shape (usually higher than one’s natural brow). So, for those in the comments saying their brows are too full for the trick, @cutcreaser recommends “the drag brow cover method. its the easiest way to cover your brows and draw thin hairs with a brow pen instead of tweezing!” This includes powdering over the brows to completely conceal them before drawing them back on. After all, while thin eyebrows have been somewhat out of the trend cycle for the past decade, Nollywood stars and the drag community have been rocking thin eyebrows for years. It’s those communities that we owe this iconic revival.