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Beloved Pimple Patch Brand Zitsticka Released Its First-Ever Sheet Mask

Introducing Press Refresh.

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There's no feeling quite like a new crisp sheet mask on freshly cleaned skin — even more so when that mask is filled with not only hydrating properties, but acne fighting ingredients to boast. Should you be looking for the latter, ZitSticka's new Press Refresh might be something to try.

Launched on October 28th, ZitSticka's Press Refresh is the brand's first ever full-face sheet mask. The new product is made with innovative Graphene Tech™ technology that is used to "emit infrared rays deep into the skin," according to the press release. Made with graphene powder it increases the skins ability to absorb all of the acne-fighting ingredients in the hydrogel mask — which include salicylic, glycolic and lactic acid, as well as niacinamide and vitamin A.

“We wanted to make a mask that delivers beyond the cursory function of hydration, which is the thing sheet masks typically focus on," expresses ZitSticka Founder and Director, Daniel Kaplan. "But given its hydrogel construction, it’s actually still a natural-born hydrator. Hydrogel is a jelly-like substance that cools the skin while ensuring a close, non-slip fit. It also leverages its molecular makeup to lock in moisture and ensure deep ingredient penetration."

ZitSticka's Press Refresh includes 5 graphene infused, hydrogel sheet masks, retails for $36 and is available at

Courtesy of ZitSticka

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