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Renata From 'Big Little Lies' Is My Financial Advisor Now

"I will not not be rich"

by Sesali Bowen

Spoilers for Big Little Lies Season 2, episode two, ahead.

We got a lot of curveballs during last night's episode of Big Little Lies.

Mary Louise (Meryl "Coming For Your Emmy" Streep) isn't playing nice anymore about getting to the bottom of what happened to her son, Perry (Alexander Skarsgård), on the night he died. Bonnie's (Zoë Kravitz) husband (James Tupper) called her mother (Crystal Fox) to address all of her sadness. Madeline (Reese Witherspoon) spilled all the tea about Ziggy's parentage, but karma is strong because her daughter spilled the tea to her husband (Adam Scott) that she cheated on him. But the biggest surprise came when Renata's (Laura Dern) husband Gordon (Jeffrey Nordling) was arrested for securities fraud. All the money that she's worked so hard for is about to be pulled right from under her, and she's pissed. In a moment of fury while visiting her husband in jail, Renata uttered the words that will stay with me forever: "I will not not be rich!"

This is a mantra. It's an affirmation. It's a mood. It's a meditation. When I'm on a tight deadline at 1am and considering calling it quits: "I will not not be rich." When any man speaks to me: "I will not not be rich." When I am down to my last $12.65 and need a pick-me-up: "I will not not be rich." The only takeaway I need from my financial picture is: "I will not not be rich." So I've decided that from this point forward, Renata is my financial advisor.

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