Birkenstock Now Has Its Own Beauty Brand

Dad sandals plus moisturized feet is the goal

One-stop shoppers, rejoice: Birkenstock is here with a cosmetics line that'll keep your feet looking fresh both before and after you slip them into a pair of dad sandals.

The collection of moisturizers and oils includes an ingredient very familiar to fans of the company: cork oak (extract). Best of all, the line is entirely natural, vegan, and the packaging recyclable. According to a press release, the products feature an "intelligent refill system" which means, after the product is empty, costumers can purchase an eco-friendly refill version to place inside the original bottle.

Next year, Birkenstock will expand past just extremity-focused care, with a range of moisturizers and cleansers for whatever body part you need moisturized and cleansed. There will even be a "Natural Man" line, for those in need of "moisture, vitality, and vigor." You know, just in case the other collections—Natural Moisture, Natural Shapes, Natural Age Control, and Natural Freshness—seem too feminine for the man with dry feet.

Check out a few of the offerings currently available, below (there's more over on Birkenstock's website), and start showing your feet some serious love.

Birkenstock, Cooling Foot Cream, $25, available at Birkenstock.

Birkenstock, Nourishing Leg And Foot Oil, $40, available at Birkenstock.

Birkenstock, Moisturizing Hand And Nail Cream, $25, available at Birkenstock.