Photo via @mileycyrus on Twitter


Miley Cyrus' 'Black Mirror' Alter Ego Dropped A Full Music Video

She's "On a Roll" for sure

Miley Cyrus released a full music video for her Black Mirror character, Ashley O. The video, titled "On a Roll," shows Cyrus in full dystopian pop star mode.

In the video, we see Cyrus, in a lavender wig, dancing with backup dancers against a blinking backdrop. At one point, we see her in a bathtub filled with bubblegum purple-colored water. Soon, the screens starts to crack, and the clip ends with Cyrus sitting in the bath surrounded by her dancers.

In the episode "Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too," the song—a pop twist on Nine Inch Nails' track "Head Like A Hole"—is Ashley O's biggest hit. Apparently, NIN frontman Trent Reznor was happy to hand over his famous tunes to Black Mirror showrunner Charlie Brooker when he first heard the concept for the episode. Brooker then took the lyrics and translated them into something more fitting for the bubbly Ashley O.

Watch the music video for "On a Roll" below.

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