Photos by Kevin Winter, Emma McIntyre/Getty Images


BTS Has The Perfect Choreography For Lizzo's "Juice"

I demand a collab

The K-pop revolution is here, and it's about to snag Lizzo's cosign. I know I get a little fast and loose with my collaboration demands sometimes, but one view of BTS dancing to Lizzo's "Juice" has me absolutely positive that this needs to happen.

When, you ask, did they record choreography to Lizzo's funky masterpiece? They didn't. One Twitter mastermind (aka a BTS stan) overlayed the track onto BTS' performance of "Boy With Luv" on Saturday Night Live, and honestly, if you hadn't watched SNL, you'd have no idea the video was an edit.

Lizzo has already reacted to the masterpiece, making it clear that she's more than on board with a collaboration. She tweeted, "OMG IF @bts_bighit SEES THIS IMMA FLIP OUT #BTSArmy ?!?!." Luckily, the BTS Army is stronger than the troops, so I'm sure the band will see the video and be in her DMs in no time.

Lizzo is currently on fire, prepping for her role in the upcoming Hustlers movie with Jennifer Lopez and putting on one of the most memorable performances at this year's Coachella. It only makes sense that she'd team up with the biggest band in the world next.

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