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Cardi B Wants More Clarity On Public Coronavirus Information

"I said what I said"

During the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, Cardi B is questioning coronavirus testing practices. In a video shared to her Instagram, the rapper expressed frustration with the fact that celebrities without any symptoms of coronavirus have been able to secure testing. She pointed to the fact that President Donald Trump has discouraged those without symptoms from getting tested and called it "confusing" that despite these presidential warnings, many celebrities without any symptoms have managed to secure testing.

She began the video by acknowledging that some would likely "take what she said and run with it," but she felt it was necessary to point out why entertainers securing COVID-19 tests might be confusing to the general public. "If number 45 is saying, 'If you don't have any symptoms of the not get tested because we don't have enough tests' but a celebrity is saying 'I don't have no symptoms but...I went and got tested and I'm positive' that causes confusion," she said.

Cardi B continued, saying that those that aren't upper class "aren't getting treated" the same as celebrities. She alleged that the general public is forced to wait longer for coronavirus testing results. Cardi B then explained that the general public also experiences further hardships — as those that test positive for COVD-19 are asked to isolate from other members of their family — but for those without an extra room or space, that ask might be impossible. "A lot of people live in small *ss apartments with multiple people," she noted.

As her video concluded, Cardi B theorized that the government should take financial responsibility for testing and treatment, pointing out that those without health insurance might be unable to afford proper care. "This sh*t could have been prevented when they found about this sh*t a couple of months ago," she said.

The comments from Cardi B come after the rapper previously made headlines for calling on someone from the Pentagon to provide her with information on the virus. Another previous post on her Instagram regarding coronavirus was later turned into a remix, and it's since been charting on the Billboard charts.

Watch Cardi B's response, below.